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FaceTime Fitness

What is it?

I started FaceTime Fitness in May of 2020 when Covid-19 altered the way we navigated life. When the world shut down, I realized just how important it is to move your body daily, even if you have nowhere to go. The world was on pause, but that did not mean our goals had to be. FaceTime Fitness gave the opportunity to feel some normalcy in a not so normal lifestyle routine. After an introductory meeting through FaceTime or Zoom to discuss your fitness goals, I design a 4 week at home exercise program that is personalized to your needs, goals and the equipment available to you! Meeting twice weekly, this consistent workout routine will have you feeling confident about getting to the gym or remembering your workout. Everything is saved in your personalized training profile! Today FaceTime Fitness is a hybrid of virtual and in person training with me!

After you've signed up for your first program, you will receive a Google Sheets invitation to view your personalized program. For virtual sessions, I will either Zoom call or Facetime you on the days and times we have agreed upon. Each workout consists of 1 hour of strength and circuit training and ends with a cool down and stretch. 

My Clients Testimonials

“Colleen is the BEST!  I’m the strongest i’ve ever been thanks to her. She pushes me to do that extra rep without ever being mean or harsh, and makes strength training approachable and fun. Most importantly she’s made working out enjoyable! I actually look forward to working out with Colleen in the mornings. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

Yoon-Ji N., Client since 2019

“Colleen designed a twice-weekly training program, customized to meet my needs and revised monthly for variety and to reach new goals. Colleen roots for me throughout the workout while being attentive to my soreness to avoid injuries. While our sessions are virtual during COVID times, it feels as if Colleen is in the room with me correcting my form and teaching me about the muscles her routine are activating.”

Alan D., Client since 2020

"Colleen thoughtfully listens to your goals and creates a plan personally for you. It's so crazy to look back at how far I've come since starting training a year ago. I cant believe how strong I've gotten! The best part is there is no pressure of scales. It's all about feeling like your best self. Colleen is so encouraging and positive during all of our sessions. I always feel so motivated and uplifted! If you have any hesitation, this is your sign to go for it!"

Isabell W., Client since 2021

“Colleen is the absolute best. Not only is she a skilled and knowledgable in exercise science and motivation but she is a ray of sunshine and has become a wonderful friend. I have never felt stronger or more confident in my body in my life. I am so lucky to have met Colleen and have her as my trainer!”

Sophie R., Client since 2019

“If working out can be a pleasure, it’s because Colleen makes it that way. She keeps the workouts fresh and challenging. She’s always professional, on time and,

even virtually, keeps it motivating and fun!”

Jennifer G., Client since 2020

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