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I'm Colleen Unda, your favorite purple haired personal trainer - dancer - comedienne from Massachusetts. I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have my BFA in dance from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. I am currently living in New York City training my clients both virtually and in person and teaching dance throughout the city. My absolute passion is teaching people how to move. Life is much more comfortable when we know how to move our bodies functionally. I use my experience to help my clients and students fully understand their movement potential and have fun along the way.

One of my current roles is dance instructor at DMF Youth, a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn that empowers underserved youth through dance, fitness and life skill development. Using dance is a fun and motivating way make our bodies feel good! After we dance it out, we talk about how we can be better humans to ourselves, our friends and the world as a whole. Being Miss Colleen and a part of this organization is the most rewarding.


I love teaching and coaching to make people feel good about themselves, but everyone knows laughter is the best medicine. I also am a stand-up comic and perform shows weekly in the Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn areas. Follow me on Instagram for updates on training, dance and comedy!

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