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My dancing days began when I was in preschool, but since then I have gone on to receive my BFA in dance from UMASS Amherst in 2018. College was a time full of performing in many student works as well as faculty concerts throughout the Five College Program. I worked with a number of choreographers such as Thomas Vacanti, Paul Dennis, Nicole Dagesse, and Shakia Johnson. These mentors challenged me and supported me in my dance career throughout my university experience.

I created my own dance work at UMASS Amherst as well. My graduating thesis was focused on stand up comedy and dance. Go figure! My movement and choreography can be described as hip-hop with jazz flavor, but I am practiced in ballet, tap, jazz, modern and house. Prior to university, I was a part of the Dance Theater of New England's dance company for 6 years where I was rehearsed in partner and solo work and musical theater. 

Since being in NYC, I have taken numerous classes and workshops with well-respected choreographers such as Robert Taylor Jr., Joanna Numata, and Neil Schwartz. 

I have trained and taught at multiple dance studios on the east coast including the Edge Studio of Dance, Colby Academy of Dance and Dance Theater of New England.

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